Pet dermatitis The heavy problem that comes with the rainy season

When the rainy season comes In addition to bringing together the cool and moist It also brings a variety of diseases to leave our pets as well, whether it is a disease related to the respiratory tract such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, various infectious conditions such as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, lice disease, ticks, fleas, bloodworms also. Be careful about accidents such as shock, rain, thunder. Insect bites, etc.
Pet dermatitis Often found in the rainy season In which this matter, M.D. Chitralada Tira Lapsuwan Veterinarian at Thonglor Animal Hospital I will tell you (not secret) tips about how to take care of our beloved pets so as not to be a skin disease that can cause serious concern.
Before going to the matter of care I want to know the cause of skin disease first. Of course, if it is during the rainy season The main cause is moisture. Which our dogs and cats may be infected with yeast, fungi, bacteria, including various external parasites such as ticks and fleas, skin allergies. When it occurs, it is often itching. Because the air is humid There is a dust that your child touches or inhaled and causes an allergic reaction Including daily life Even if the housing is raining or the children have a habit of running outside the house Skin disease is easy to visit.
As for the breeds that are more likely to get this disease than anyone else, friends include dogs, cats with long fur, thick fur, ears, or children with certain underlying diseases such as allergies, etc. It is especially noted that the skin is red, scaly, red bumps, pustules, lumps, hair loss, body odor, and behavior changes. The owner will be able to clearly notice while bathing the pet.
For treatment The veterinarian will perform diagnostic tests. With both general physical examination And specialized skin examinations such as skin cell sampling, culture culture, allergy test When the cause of symptoms or disease is known Able to treat drugs, external medications, and drug use And dietary adjustments
Have good tips For dog and cat owners Should always take care of their physical health and the health of their skin and fur. Regularly Keep exploring Especially the paws, under the stomach, groin, ears, around the buttocks that are often stuffy easily. If your child has a habit of going for a run Must keep cleaning How to take a bath And wipe and blow dry Including keeping the dog"s and cat"s bedding clean and hygienic Just as it can help you stay away from skin disease.
In addition, pet owners should be able to prevent ticks, fleas and heartworms, bathing, clipping nails, wiping ears, pinching the glands to prevent and reduce the risk of disease.
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